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Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Mumbai You Should Explore in 2019

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Mumbai’s most famous city of a dream which unveils every year the dream sequences of the city and consist of many creative aspirants, businessmen and students. The commercial power and centre of Bollywood (Indian film industry). It is known as the most liveable city in India. The vacation packages are filled with an aroma of irresistible spicy drinks, vibrant epic restaurants and vibrant nightclubs, history of beautiful historic buildings and deities of magnificent sacred shrines.

Here is a list of the 7 awesome places to visit in Mumbai, India

Chowpatty Beach

awesome places to visit in Mumbai

The breeze that smells like grass on Chowpatty Beach makes the busy city stop for an evening snack. Chowpatty’s Marine Drive, one of the most famous beaches with an even more serene walk, is the centrepiece of the stalls selling tasty Indian snacks. Spicy bhelpuri and panipuri are essential drinks. The only thing that visitors to Mumbai need to remember for foreign travellers is to ask them in advance to make it less spicy.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum

The museum was built to commemorate the Prince of Wales’ visit to the city. An amazing combination of Gothic and Moorish architecture, the building itself is a very interesting structure. Numerous scrolls of Buddhist Tankha and Tibetan bronzes are on display, as well as 2,000 miniature paintings of the country’s renowned art academies. Ranging from magnificent idols of Hindu gods to Maratha’s arms, the museum is full of masterpieces of art.

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Shree Siddhivinayak Temple

Shree Siddhivinayak is one of the most visited and richest temples in the city. The sanctuary of Lord Siddhi Vinayak (Incarnation of Ganesh) is placed in a small room with wooden doors that collapsed with images of eight manifestations of Ganesha. The inner roof of the sanctuary is covered with gold, as is the central statue of Ganesh.

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Gateway of India

7 awesome places to visit in Mumbai, India

This is one of the awesome places to visit in Mumbai, India. The Gateway of India is much more than just a historical monument; this beautiful facade is also a famous picnic area. It was built to welcome the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to the land. Gateway of India is built with four turrets embellished with beautiful lattice carved on the yellow basalt stones. It is located on the waterfront, the place offers spectacular ocean views and is also the place from where exciting motor launches and cruises begin.

Film City

Mumbai is home to the world-famous Hindi Film Industry, popularly called Bollywood. Watch a movie in one of the many theatres in Mumbai and expect whistles and thunderous clapping. You must visit the Film City in Goregaon to experience filming firsthand in the western suburbs of Mumbai.

Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden is another must-spot place of the city that is quite famous among tourists with its delightful location. It is located on top of the Malabar Hills, opposite Kamla Nehru Park. From the terrace garden, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset over the Arabian sea.

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Elephanta Caves

7 awesome places to visit in Mumbai, India

The Elephanta Caves are the group of sculpted caves, located 10 km east of Mumbai, on the island of Elephanta. These are the caves carved into the rocks with excellent architecture, where you can see the excellent Hindu sculptures. Carved between the 5th and 8th centuries BC, these caves are counted among the important heritage of the country.

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