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Beautiful Cities to Visit in Germany

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Once a strong empire and one of the scariest governments in the world, Germany today is an economic powerhouse with a wealth of cultural and attractions – beautiful old churches, world-renowned museums and a landscape breathtakingly dotted with charming medieval villages and fairytale castles. If you are still not convinced, here are the beautiful cities in Germany to visit.


beautiful cities in Germany

Heidelberg is one of the best-preserved romantic cities in the Federal Republic of Germany.
And we talk about love, even if it’s a beautiful place, but from the romantic era of German philosophy and literature. There was a circle of famous poets.
With a flair for students (it has the oldest German university), the city has much more to offer:
a castle, a beautiful old town and one of the most famous medieval markets.


Famous for the Nuremberg Trials that took place here after the Second World War, history is flowing from all sides. Although it was heavily bombed during the Second World War, many architectural wonders of the city have been restored. After having unofficially acted as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, unheard-of riches were attracted to the city by German kings, who later only contributed to its greatness. This is proved by the beautiful castle and the churches that are in the old town. Although Nuremberg is worth a visit at any time of the year due to its lush beers and vibrant nightlife, Christmas is especially magical thanks to the large, glittering Christmas market.

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beautiful cities in Germany

Stuttgart, in south-west Germany, is wrongly underestimated. But it’s a dream for car enthusiasts, with modern architecture and some of Germany’s biggest beer festivals (apart from the Oktoberfest).

Stuttgart is home to two of the world’s largest car brands, Mercedes and Porsche. Production takes place in the neighbourhood and there are world-class automotive museums for both companies.

The city itself has a great mix of architecture with a Baroque centre on the Schlossplatz with the Neues Schloss (New Palace) of the early 19th century. In front of the classical landscape, there are contemporary elements such as metal and glass staircases. This city had the world’s first television tower, Fernsehturm Stuttgart (TV tower) and it still dominates the horizon. Stuttgart even has a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the buildings of the famous architect Le Corbusier.


Leipzig is considered as one of the beautiful cities in Germany. It is located at the meeting point of three rivers, it is the meeting place of great minds. Goethe was a student in Leipzig, Bach was working as a cantor, and Martin Luther was debating it here.

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Today, the new school in Leipzig brings a new perspective to the world of art. And a visit to the Leipzig Gewandhaus 1743, the world’s oldest symphony orchestra, proves that art is alive in this great German city. If you prefer the culinary arts, Auerbachs Keller is one of the oldest restaurants in the country and was a favourite of Goethe and locals alike.

In addition to being a centre of German art and culture, the city has also become famous in the recent history of Germany. The protesters in Leipzig launched the peaceful revolution that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Like Dresden, low rents and a rebellious spirit continue to inspire a young counter-culture. This subversive tendency can be seen in his avant-garde cabaret attacking standard political structures.

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beautiful cities in Germany

With its sparkling windows that shine from all its skyscrapers, Frankfurt is the centre of business and finance in Germany and much of Europe. With more than 5.5 million inhabitants in the city and its suburbs, it is a dynamic and lively place that has a lot to offer.

While the modern city centre is full of skyscrapers and business people, the medieval Old Town offers a charming contrast to quaint cafes and traditional taverns serving delicious food and refreshing beers. Located on the Main River, it offers beautiful walks along its banks, while airy parks and peaceful neighbourhoods only add to the charm of the city.

With a fantastic range of museums to visit and a vibrant nightlife, Frankfurt is a fantastic city to discover. Frankfurt is one of the beautiful cities in Germany.


The heart of Bavaria, Munich, is an incredibly rich city that perfectly highlights the rich cultural heritage while remaining modern. While the visitors come down to Munich at any time of the year, the zenith is cleared during the Oktoberfest, when the streets are overflowing with beer and the people dressed in lederhosen are cheerful.

Known for its art scene, the city has world-renowned museums and many royal palaces, as well as a thriving gastronomic scene to explore. With a laid-back lifestyle, the Bavarian people are hospitable and totally happy to show their local traditions and customs.


The vast capital of Germany has everything you could want from a city. Large green spaces are scattered in the graffiti-covered concrete buildings, while trendy, unique bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs are hidden among the dust of this thriving city known for its nightlife. With a vibrant cultural and artistic scene.

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Museum Island is particularly appealing, although it is probably too popular for many visitors to the city. Famous for his alternative scene and for his acceptance that anything is possible, being in Berlin and experiencing the atmosphere is in itself intoxicating. Steeped in history, walking along the Berlin Wall and visiting the scary Holocaust monument are just two of the highlights of this multicultural and modern city.

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