Best Holiday Destinations during Winter

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The winter season is really a great time to book a vacation. This is especially true with fantastic holiday offers during this period. If you are considering a holiday destination this winter, consider the following to experience the best winter holiday of your life.

These are the best places to visit during the winter:

1. New York

best places to visit during the winter

Spending a vacation in New York is a sure way to spice up your winter. You will definitely fall in love with the snow on the skyscrapers. Central Park is also a great place to visit in this busy city. If you decide to make this trip, get ready because it can be very cold in the winter. So put your socks and gloves on your packing list. The city is known for its activities such as ice skating in the winter. But then it is proposed to take advantage in January, where the queues are already considerably reduced by the price. It is also a great idea to take pictures next to the huge Christmas tree that can be found at Rockefeller Plaza.

2. Caribbean

best places to visit during the winter

The Caribbean is a very popular and among the best places to visit during the winter. The sun is getting darker and darker here, and it is a destination for tourists who want to avoid the snow and cold of their country of origin. It is known for its beautiful beaches that are considered the best in the world. Nothing is better than taking pictures of yourself with a sip of the most refreshing Pina Colada on the beach. This allows your friends to shiver with jealousy.

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3. Igloo Village in Finland

best places to visit during the winter

If you are looking for a unique winter adventure, try to visit Finland and experience a certain winter. Living in an igloo for a few days is pretty cool, right? If you don’t want to sleep in an igloo, you have the option to dine indoors, as there are plenty of igloo restaurants in the village. To give you an idea, the temperature inside is between -3 ° C and -6 ° C, so you have to be braver to try it. This destination can be an excellent choice for people with a curious and playful spirit.

4. New Zealand


Although winter is in your home country, New Zealand is definitely a different time of the year. The winter in other countries is the same as the hottest season in New Zealand. So if you want to enjoy your summer hat and your Hawaii shirt, this country is a great destination. You can also practice extreme sports, such as skydiving over the national park and many others.

5. Austria


If you are a big fan of extreme winter sports, Austria can be your best choice. As soon as you see snow in this country, you will see many locals and tourists enjoying snowboarding, skiing, curling, bobsleighing and more. It is the ski centre in Europe that has been attracting tourists from all over the world for years.

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