Canada Travel Tips – All you need to know before migrating

The main purpose of travel advice in Canada is to inform travellers about the different requirements that they must meet before entering the country. Here is some information about travelling in Canada:

Travellers must apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assistance if necessary. The government offers a free online registration system that allows travellers to register their travel plans. Registration is useful because when the traveller is in need, the government communicates with family members.

Have a valid visa and passport

A valid passport and visa must be provided with which, in the event of an examination, they can be issued. In addition, there must be appropriate information about who to contact in an emergency.

The family should know the tour plan

Travellers are advised to inform their family members about the trip so that they can contact them for any purpose.

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Verification of health insurance policy abroad
Travellers must check whether their medical insurance covers their diseases abroad. If there is no health insurance for countries abroad, make sure you have some kind of medical insurance that you can cover during your stay abroad.

Know the law of the country
Travellers are expected to abide by the law and abide by local law. To be a decent traveller, one must be familiar with the local conditions and laws.

Avoid being the target of a crime
It is better to avoid the crime target. Although Canada is an advanced country with a low crime rate, travellers are expected to wear a minimum number of jewellery. Travellers may not leave their luggage unattended in a public place.

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English is an official language in Canada. However, French is widely spoken.

Canada is wary of the harmful effects of smoking. Some states in Canada, such as British Columbia, prohibit smoking in public places.

Canada officially uses the metric system where distance is measured in kilometres, speed indicators in kilometres per hour. Gasoline/gas is sold in the litter and the temperature is measured on a scale in degrees Celsius.

Taxes in Canada
The country has a travel tax system. In Canada, the 7% goods and services tax (GST) applies across the country and is added to most purchases and services. Basic foods, however, are exempt. In British Columbia, a provincial sales tax (PST) of approximately 7% applies to retail products and services, with some exceptions – such as food, books, children’s clothing, food for restaurants, and personal services. Canada also charges hotel rooms with a rate of 8-10%.

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As always, tips are a personal matter and can be paid in restaurants, bars, pubs, taxis and hairdressers, etc. Travellers must remember that they may not exceed 15% of the total cost.

In Canada, the law prohibits the use of alcohol in public. A person must be 19 years old to consume or buy alcohol in the province of British Columbia. However, the minimum age varies from province to province.