Dubai:Global magnet of Talent

For quite some time, expatriates have been travelling to Dubai in search of a better-paying job than their home can offer. Although the Dubai labour market is not fully immune to the effects of the global economic crisis, Dubai is still one of the hubs for attracting talent.

The city is preparing to organize the 2020 World Expo, which is expected to stimulate the economy of Dubai, in particular, real estate, tourism and the labour market. The exhibition will lead to the creation of long-term jobs over the next seven years and beyond.

An exciting and dynamic city that continues to grow and develop, as well as tax-free income, makes Dubai a dream for job seekers. It is not surprising that the competition for jobs is tough.

At one point there are hundreds of candidates for every advertised vacancy. According to recruitment agencies, more jobs will be available as the economic situation improves. For the time being, we can only advise job seekers to be proactive in finding a job opening and lobbying for a job. Networking is one of the most important things we recommend you to do, whether you’re looking for a job or changing jobs in Dubai.

Dubai is a great place for a career change. Employers here are more receptive to these types of movements if you can show that you have the potential and skills to find a job. There are many affordable courses in Dubai: consider a course in Arabic language and culture, cultural awareness or something similar as soon as you get a job in Dubai. Consider obtaining an MBA if you want to hold a management position.

Since the vast majority of job seekers are highly educated, you must ensure that your resume indicates something that can distinguish you from other candidates (internships, volunteering) and is ready to support them when the interviewer asks you.

It is advisable to follow some local customs if you manage to get a job interview in Dubai. In Arab culture, it is considered shocking to point the sole of your shoe at someone. It is advisable to dress conservatively: men must wear a suit and tie, and women must cover their knees and shoulders. When a woman meets her potential employer, she has to wait until a man offers her hand.

The recent economic crisis has given Dubai the opportunity to consolidate for more sustainable and sustainable growth. It is almost certain that more jobs will be created in the future – and even more candidates.