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Everything you need to know about Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s emerging countries and has become commercially important, with the growing number of shopping malls and restaurants nearby. For those looking for more information on the shopping lifestyle in this area, it is essential to know the shopping centres of Chiang Mai and what to expect from these stores.

Magnificent Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Magnificent Wat Phrathat Doi SuthepMagnificent Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, better known under the name of Doi Suthep. It is about 1000 meters above the city and offers a magnificent view of Chiang Mai. Reaching the temple is quite easy, you can get there by renting a Songthaew (a red taxi/bus running in the north of Thailand and can be rented at a price agreed in advance) to take you to the top of the mountain at the entrance to the temple From here, you can climb the many stairs to the temple or get there by cable car for a small fee. Doi Suthep is very popular with Thai people and tourists and is one of Thailand’s most important temples.

The Mae Sa Valley

Mae Sa Valley.The Mae Sa Valley is a beautiful place to visit and, although it is only about a 30-minute drive from the city, it is always interesting to spend at least one morning seeing everything the city has to offer. to offer. In the Mae Sa valley, you will find the orchids, monkeys and snakes farms and the impressive Mae Sa waterfall. You can go there as you please, but I would advise you to book a tour in advance. from one of the many travel agencies in the city. By doing so, you will not have to worry about losing certain attractions and missing out on your day and spending a stress-free day.

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Shopping Experience in Chiang Mai

Chiang MaiBuyers will not be disappointed with the Airport Plaza as it offers a wide range of stores offering different types of products and services. The largest store in this mall is the Robinsons Department Store, which sells beauty products, clothing, footwear, household goods, appliances and many other products.

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In addition, there are also a number of shops at different levels. Some of these stores offer northern handicrafts and other items that are not found anywhere else in the city.

For residents of Chiang Mai, there is a large supermarket (Topsupermarkt) where they can shop, such as food, canned goods and even fresh produce.

Chiang Mai Pack light


As it is very hot in Thailand, you can get away with lightweight packaging. I like wearing a pair of skirts, t-shirts, tops and dresses associated with sandals or runners. I also put on a scarf because they are always useful. Be sure to leave some space in your suitcase to store all the beautiful souvenirs and clothes you will definitely buy in department stores in the area.

Uber is cheapest in Chiang Ma

Chiang Mai

There are many ways to get around Chiang Mai, including taxis, red trucks and Tuk Tuk. After trying them all, we found the best way to explore Chiang Mai using Uber! There is no problem of payment, your destination is easily communicated, it is reliable and it is by far the cheapest option. You need Internet access to use the Uber application. So be sure to order your Uber at your hotel or cafe while you have access or purchase a local SIM card.

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Public Behavior When Visiting Chiang Mai

wwwBy following a few simple rules of Chiang Mai, Thailand not only prevents you from accidentally insulting someone, but it will also distinguish you from tourists who are only interested in cheap shops or idyllic beaches. Observing and respecting the local culture will certainly enrich your experience.
Thailand is known as the “land of smile” – but the famous Thai smile has many meanings. Although Thai offences are very forgiven, especially when they are committed by farang (foreigners), respect for these rules and basic tricks will keep them smiling.

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