Examine the procedure to become a permanent resident in New Zealand

Permanent residence in New Zealand

How long does it take to become a permanent resident through the skilled migrant’s category?
  • Processing times for permanent residence applications under the skilled migrant’s category are long and several hurdles must be overcome until you reach your goal, your resident visa.
  • The whole process consists of 2 main stages: the expression of interest and the application for a resident visa. In many cases, external qualification assessments must be obtained and some migrants must apply for professional registration.
  • It will take many months from the day you start preparing for your move until your resident visa is finally issued and stamped in your passport, we will tailor your process to your specific situations.

How do you become a permanent resident through the skilled migrant’s category?

  • There are two main steps to obtaining a permanent residence permit in New Zealand through the skilled migrant’s category, these are the work visa process and the resident visa process, after which the permanent residence process follows.
  • You may be eligible to apply for a permanent residence visa two years after obtaining your New Zealand Residence Permit, provided that you have met Immigration New Zealand’s travel conditions.

Step 1: your work visa application at NZIC

  • Most migrants will have to apply for a work visa on their way to their residence.
  • Immigration New Zealand expects a processing time between 1 and 2 months. However, processing requests may take longer if they need to verify your information or request more information from you.
  • Since we gathered all the necessary documentation at an early stage, no valuable time is wasted completing important formalities if you would like your work visa to be issued as soon as possible so you can start working.
  • Our recognized immigration advisers will liaise with your prospective employer and advise them on their obligations, including labor market testing.
  • Your work visa application will be prepared to a high standard to ensure a smooth process once submitted to Immigration New Zealand and to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • While your application is pending, our licensed immigration advisers will address any questions that immigration
  • New Zealand might have and follow through to completion.
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Step 2: Your resident visa process with NZIC

  • Our recognized immigration advisor will let you know when you are eligible and ready for your domestic visa application.
  • All your documents will be available by then. Once your recognized immigration adviser is certain that your EOI has a real chance of being selected during the next selection, your expression of interest will be submitted within two weeks.
  • There will be a verification process when Immigration New Zealand performs a preliminary check on the credibility of your points claims. After approval, you will receive an invitation to apply for a residence visa, ITA.
  • We will submit your visa application for residents without delays, current immigration New Zealand processing time for visa applications for residents under the skilled migrant’s category is six months.
  • Delays can occur if your documentation is incomplete or if health issues or character issues need to be assessed in the process, so it’s important that you inform us as soon as possible of any issues that may arise, such as previous convictions or health issues, so that we can prepare on an application for medical or character exemption.
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Finally: Permanent Residency

  • Two years after obtaining your New Zealand Residence Permit, you may be eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit, provided you meet the travel conditions imposed by Immigration New Zealand.
  • The process for applying for PR in New Zealand is much simpler than the application process for a work visa or resident visa.
  • Once you are in possession of a permanent residence visa, you are no longer subject to travel conditions.
After living in New Zealand as a resident visa holder for 5 years, you may have the right to apply for New Zealand citizenship.

What affects the permanent residence application?

Preparation can save you a lot of time:

  • Preparing to move can take longer than you expected.
  • You can make a lot of preparations while you are still in your own country, and it is usually easier to obtain documents while you are there.
  • You may need to have your qualifications reviewed by the New Zealand Qualifying Authority or apply for your professional registration, which can take 4-5 months, and this can significantly delay your migration process if you do not intend.
  • We generally advise our customers to prepare their arrival as soon as they are sure they want to migrate to New Zealand, regardless of whether it will be in a month or a year.
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How we can help you accelerate this:

  • All the work you can do early in the process will help you build a solid foundation for your arrival. We will initially identify potential obstacles and provide you with a solution using our best strategic practices.
  • Once we have started our partnership, we will provide you with a list of documents required for your visa applications, tailored to your background by one of our recognized Immigration Advisers. Some evidence is relatively easy to collect. Other documents are more difficult to obtain.
  • If English is not your first language, your documents may need to be translated into English by a sworn translator before they can be submitted to Immigration New Zealand. Determining which documents to translate, communicating with the translator and waiting for the translations to complete takes several weeks. We can arrange that for you.
  • Our thorough preparation gives you the peace of mind that the essential formalities have already been arranged.