If you’re looking to start your TEFL adventure education in Europe, Poland could be perfect

Poland isn’t just about its cabbage stew and countless castles – oh no! There are many cosmopolitan cities and incredible landscapes, so if you are looking to start teaching TEFL adventure in Europe, Poland could be perfect!

i-to-i has teamed up with the Speed ​​School of English to offer the Teach in Poland internship giving you five months of fantastic teaching in southern Poland, filled with support and all the training.

Are you already tempted? Well, here are seven reasons why you should join the internship in Poland:

1- Support, support, support!

The beauty of an internship is that everything is organized for you, unlike finding your own TEFL job. Once you’ve landed in Poland, everything is already set up for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You will also benefit from 24/7 assistance from our renowned partners, Speed ​​School of English.

2- Teacher development program

You will be able to use all the skills you have acquired during your TEFL course in your class, but you will also be able to develop these skills further by participating in in-house training sessions and workshops, plus, some of your lessons will be recorded on video so you can get feedback and become an even better teacher!

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3- It’s time to hit the slopes

A great advantage of the course is that you get a ski pass for three days – which is a great way to spend your free time and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Poland!

4- Orientation of 10 days

On the Teach in Poland course, you will not just be immersed in the big bath. Upon your arrival in Poland, you have a 10-day orientation led by Speed ​​School of English, this will give you all the information you need to live and teach in Poland. You will also benefit from in-depth workshops and training sessions to make sure you are ready to teach your first TEFL course! In addition, you will have the chance to visit the historic city of Krakow, the Wieliczka, and Auschwitz salt mines.

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5- New friends, new experience, new you!

The experience is probably going to be something completely new to you, so what a better way to make new friends! For the duration of the internship, you will be surrounded by other interns and live with other teachers giving you the chance to make friends for life! Without forgetting all the locals who will be delighted to welcome you to Poland (and to practice their English!)

6- Generous expense allowance

As your accommodation is taken care of for you, all of your monthly living allowances can be spent for you! You will receive a monthly allowance of 1500 Polish zlotys (PLN) per month and you will receive a bonus of 1000 PLN from your school at the end of your internship. The cost of living in Poland is much lower than in other western countries: a pint of beer, for example, costs as little as 4PLN, or around 87p!

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7- Boost your CV / CV

Let’s face it, your TEFL experience will bring your CV out of the crowd and give you valuable skills, even if you don’t want to pursue a career in teaching. You will develop excellent presentation and communication skills, you will be able to face difficult situations, develop your interpersonal skills and build your confidence. All great skills, no matter what your future has in store for you!