Information on Georgia College and State University

Georgia College & State University was chartered as Georgia Normal & Industrial College in the year 1889. The emphasis at that time was on career education. The task was to set up young women for careers in training or manufacturing professions. In the year 1917, Georgia Normal & ï »¿Industrialï» ¿School, following cultural and economic changes within the state, was authorized to issue diplomas. The first degree was awarded in the year 1921. The following year, the name was changed to Georgia State College for Women.

The school has been part of Georgia’s university system since its inception in 1932. The name was changed to Women’s College of Georgia in 1961. In 1967, the College went co-educational and became Georgia College in Milledgeville. Later the label was shortened to Georgia College.

In 1987 an educational exchange was organized with the People’s Republic of China. This educational exchange marked a rebirth of international communication through overseas learning and student exchange programs.

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In August 1996, a name change at Georgia College & State University was accredited by the Board of Regents. Besides, it approved a new project as the State Public Liberal Arts University. Although the official name is Georgia College & State University, the school likes to be referred to as GC.

At GCSU, the percentage of students attending the faculty is only about 17: 1, with about 34 percent of classes with fewer than 20 students. Among the most popular majors at GCSU are Health Teacher Education, Nursing and RN Training, Marketing Administration, Business Administration, and Management, and Psychology.

Some of the degrees and majors offered at GCSU include Legal Enforcement Administration, Accounting, Business Administration, International Business, Marketing Management, Psychology, Journalism, and many others.

The university provides student services such as women’s center, health insurance, health and wellness services, and non-corrective coaching. GCSU also offers on-campus security and safety services, including night-time transportation and escort service, 24 hours a day on foot, as well as vehicle patrols, lighted trails and walkways, 24-hour emergency telephones, managed dorm access, and student patrols.

GCSU provides housing to its students. Students can choose to live in a high-rise apartment in The Village on the West Campus, or in a suite-shaped living hall on the Central Campus.

There are some student unions and fraternities under numerous councils. Student life at GCSU can bring useful opportunities to work in the media. The Georgia College & State University Student Media includes the Bobcat Media Productions / GCTV News, a TV station/news program, a publication known as Colonnade, WGUR 88.9 radio, a student research magazine known as Corinthian and a useful magazine called Peacock’s Feet.

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Georgia College & State University’s Student Government Association (SGA) serves students by looking at their concerns, dishing out all the things assigned to the student body by the school president, and encouraging understanding within the university.

The area surrounding the GCSU campus is urban with a campus of approximately 590 hectares. It uses an academic schedule based on a semester. The university also has disability services.

So if you are considering attending a university in Georgia, you should think seriously about Georgia College and State University.