Living and working in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most interesting places on earth. Since the news of his successful bid for Expo 2020 has been made public, people in other parts of the world have become curious to find out more. The most remarkable aspect of Dubai with regard to people from the Asian region, especially India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia, is the enormous potential that it offers its citizens to find a job.

Huge employment potential

Estimates show that the region could employ 275,000 people or more in the days prior to the Expo. This is a huge potential that countries in the Asian region cannot ignore. More importantly, the new jobs have been opened to locals and foreigners.

Dubai, with its liberal attitude towards foreigners, is unrivalled in providing an ideal environment in the region to enable people to live and practice the profession of their choice. With huge projects in progress and new projects in preparation for the exhibition, chances are that almost all educated people can find a profitable job here.

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Understand Dubai

If you have never lived in Dubai before, it may seem a bit strange or bizarre and you can attribute it to the cultural factor. All in all, you can expect a fun and interesting life. Dubai, you have to understand, is a multicultural country and at any time is more than three-quarters of foreigners. The key to your trip to Dubai depends on your preparation.

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Here’s some information you need to know about Dubai – the little things that make life easier.

• Unless you have the nationality of a GCC country, you need a work visa. In addition to the visa, your passport must also have a residence permit. Together they will establish your right to live and work here. Although you can organize these documents yourself, it is rare for people to do it that way. It is best to have them work through your internship agency in Dubai. If you are about to be employed by the government, you do not have to do much yourself; the government provides the documentation.

• Dubai has a reasonably developed public transportation system and is easily accessible. But it is better to drive your own car because of the convenience. A driver’s license is essential for driving cars. If your license has been issued by one of the 36 countries on the list of approved sources, you do not have to worry about obtaining a new license. If this is not the case, you must follow the training and receive a local license. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to drive and younger than 21 can only receive a probation license until they reach the mandatory age of the permanent driving license.

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• Opening a bank account is a fairly simple procedure in Dubai if you have the right documentation. You mainly need your passport, visa details and work permit. A bank account is simply essential in Dubai. you need it to receive your salary, send money home and make large payments.