Migrating to another Country is a big step, the information here will help you better understand what to do and when to plan migration to Melbourne {Australia}

Step 1: Investigate your employment opportunities
Get work

Knowing what vacancies there are is important for achieving job security. We have a lot of information ready to help you find a job in Melbourne and Victoria.

For more information about:

  • Find a job in Melbourne
  • Victorian industries
  • Professions.

If you are planning to invest in Melbourne as a company, please visit our Business section for:

  • Active in Melbourne
  • Doing business in Victoria
  • The business advice and support.

Read more about our Visa Nomination Professional Lists.

Find a home

When migrating to Victoria, you can choose to live in the most livable city in the world – Melbourne – or in the beautiful regional areas of Victoria.

Find out more about Melbourne and discover all that regional Victoria has to offer.

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For more information on housing and real estate visit our Live section.

Taking the step

It may take a while for everything to be arranged for your move to Victoria. Use our relocation checklist to get an idea of ​​how long it can take to migrate.

A migration agent or lawyer can also assist you with the migration to Victoria, but you can manage this process yourself.

See our Using a Migration Agent page for information on important things to keep in mind when enabling a migration agent.

Step 2: Apply for visa nomination (if necessary)

Naming Victorian visas can help you meet the requirements for some Australian skilled and business migration visas. Applying for a Victorian visa application is easy and there are no costs involved.

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See the Visa Nomination and Review page for more information on the Victorian Visa Nomination.

Discover all visas eligible for the nomination of visas:

  • Business and investor visas
  • Skilled migration visa.
Step 3: Apply for a visa

You can apply for a Victorian visa nomination through our website, but to apply for a genuine Australian visa you must apply through the external link of the Department of Home Affairs website – even if you have a Victorian visa nomination.

Step 4: Prepare to move

Collect your belongings and use our handy move checklist to help you organize your move.

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Step 5: Arrival and settlement

The Victorian Government’s Skilled and Business Migration Program provides services to help businesses, investor and skilled migrants settle in Victoria.

Investor Relationship Managers are also available for investment support and information.

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Live section
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  • Health
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  • Environment and weather
Work section
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  • Overseas qualification unit
Do the business section
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Connect section
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