Seven cool things to do in Texas that you might not know

In Texas, most people have heard of the Alamo visit or the visit of Austin, the state capital. But with a state as large and diverse as the lonely star, there are hundreds of lesser-known attractions. Check out the seven interesting things you may never have heard of:

1. Stay in a guest room

So there are hundreds if not thousands of Bed and Breakfasts throughout Texas. But what most people don’t realize is that finding a big name can lead to a very unique experience. These homes, often owned and maintained by Texan families of several generations, offer a historic, spooky or even fashionable experience, not available in local hotels. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce for recommendations and distinctive options.

2. farms

Tourists may not first be attracted to tourists, but Texas is known for the diversity of agriculture. Many farms offer child-friendly tours and events. In Brenham alone you will find a varied selection of lavender farms, alpaca farms, jersey yards and miniature horses, to name just a few. Not only do you get a different perspective, but there are excellent products available for purchase and adventure activities, but you support local farmers and their families living in the area.

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3. Visit the Blue Bell ice cream factory

Blue Bell Factory is located in Washington County and is a popular facility in Texas. In Texas, there is nothing better than a visit to the cradle of ice in Texas. With daily visits, visitors can see the process and visit some of the cows in jersey. And you better believe that an ice cream is waiting for you at the end of the visit.

4. Follow the Texas Independence Wine Trail

With seven participating wineries, this wine route takes you into the heart of Texas. This wine route is located 90 km west of Houston and 90 km east of Austin and not only introduces you to some fantastic wineries but also lets you taste Texas. With La Grange, Weimar, Schulenberg, Lolita and Yoakum (Texas) you can enjoy an exceptional wine experience in Texas.

5. See the birthplace of Texas in Washington-on-the-Brazos

The Alamo is an iconic piece in the history of Texas, known throughout the world. But what most people don’t realize is that the birthplace of Texas took place nearly 180 miles from San Antonio when a group of Texans signed the Mexican Declaration of Independence. Since then, the site has been named Texas State Park and offers fantastic hiking trails, as well as recreational water activities such as fishing, and unique re-enactments. You simply cannot make a list of “Things to do in Texas” without mentioning Washington-on-the-Brazos.

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6. Visit the annual Round Top Antique Fair

With a population of 90, most people are surprised to hear that the ancient capital of the world is located in a small Texas town between Brenham and Houston. Round Top, Texas, presents one of the most beautiful antique shows of the fall every year. For antique lovers, this is an event that you should not miss.

7. Feast of the Assumption, Praha, Texas

This small Texas town is on IH-10, about an hour southwest of Brenham. Every year in August the small Gothic church of the city organizes a festival at home, with music polka and kolaches. With nearly 5,000 visitors a year, it is a great way to experience Czech culture in Texas.