Things to do in Texas when it rains

Finding things to do in Texas is not a difficult task. In fact, if there has ever been a state specializing in huge things to do all year round, the Lone Star State is at the top of the list.

This is certainly worthwhile considering the diversity of their larger and more metropolitan cities, as well as their smaller and more picturesque cities. However, you must take into account the problems that may occur when it starts to rain.

Of course Texas has a lot to offer, but when you consider that important events in this state can be open-air concerts, rodeos and fairs, but when the rain falls, you have to go inside. What are you doing then? Does Texas have something to offer to people who want to beat the rain but still want to have something typically Texan?

Of course Texas has a lot to offer. You may need to be creative and travel a little, but inside Texas offers a huge range in the world of art (visual and performance), as well as music and music. entertainment.

Let’s say you like to have artistic know-how. So you must visit the Bluebonnet Pottery & Gift Gallery in Somerville, TX. You can not only participate in making handmade pottery, but you can also follow a course. Even if it is not your job to get your hands dirty, you can still express your appreciation for the artistic work that has been done and discover all the traditional pottery that is for sale. This is a great way to prevent rain, but also to see the (functional) contributions to the art world of small towns in Texas.

You can’t beat the Round Top antiques show in Round Top, TX. The series started fifty years ago with a relatively small number of participants, but attracted great interest. Now, twice a year, the region organizes an age-old event that is national in rank and presence. Known as “Round Top” by connoisseurs, the events include even more modest shows in adjacent areas near Round Top, Texas, and in many cases these shows serve as a preview of the larger show. The show also attracts sellers from Canada, Mexico and Europe. The organizers quickly show that sites can change from year to year. It is therefore important to consult the website of the event. If you want to avoid rain and buy unique antiques, this is the place for you.

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If you are a music fan and want to avoid the rain and especially the commercial atmosphere of music venues and concerts, do not hesitate to visit the Friends of Bluebonnet Opry in Brenham, TX. Bluebonnet Opry was founded in 1998 by Allison Crowson. A monthly broadcast took place every third Thursday at the Brenham Firefighters Training Center. The shows were successful and very successful, but the uncertainty came when Mrs. Crowson had to stop leading events when she became assistant director at Brenham High School. Eventually a few people came together to become “friends of the opera”, moved the show and saw that they could benefit from a local organization and chose to take advantage of the local Brenham Hospice branch. . Musical performances from all over Texas and the rest of the United States can be seen at their shows and, true to their mission, they can donate around $ 5,000 to $ 6,000 to the Brenham Hospice Branch.

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Although we started looking for things to do in Texas to prevent rain, we came across something more real than a few places to pass the time. There is beauty and appeal everywhere in the Lone Star State, and it certainly deserves a visit. We will see you soon.