Try Learning English in Manchester – There’s More to the UK than the Capital City

Because they spent so much money to get here, many English-speaking students never leave London, which limits their experience with the UK. London may be the only place they know of, so they land at Heathrow Airport and then spend all of their time travelling around Greater London. You can’t deny that London is a great place to visit. After a while, however, it can become costly and tiring. The purpose of this article is to suggest why Manchester is also an attractive student destination for several reasons. There are many reasons for this, but you will certainly have a much more satisfying experience in learning English when you do. Below are some of the most important:

The first industrial society

By the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, Manchester had already established itself as the first industrial society. The many reasons for this historical phenomenon are still present if you live in the city today. Manchester had more than its legitimate share in the right people to make this happen: industrial entrepreneurs with the necessary capital and vision/scientists and engineers with advanced technical know-how / smooth delivery of raw cotton imported from the United States to Liverpool and nearby Liverpool and coal from Lancashire mines/infrastructure to guarantee quick and easy transport by canal and train / large amount of cheap labour from surrounding cities and Irish immigrants. Even the rainy climate meant that the newly spun cotton thread would break less quickly in the humid atmosphere! The excitement of the explosive growth that the city experienced in the first decades of the 19th century is still felt in the bustling and vibrant city centre.

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A unique culture and people

The people of Manchester are culturally diverse and welcome wave after wave of incoming foreign immigrants. First, there was the Irish famine flight, followed by the Chinese, the West Indies, then the Asian communities. Each of these waves of immigration has given Manchester a lot more culture and you can still see the results in the city today. Manchester is now preparing for Irish Week, an annual city-wide festival that coincides with Irish National Day St Patrick’s Day in Ireland itself. Last month, the city of China Town celebrated the arrival of the Chinese New Year with many delicious treats at the many Chinese restaurants in this downtown enclave. Passing the university on Oxford Road, through the residential area of ​​downtown Rusholme, you will find “The Curry Mile”. An area is full of Indian, Pakistani, Bengali and Bengali restaurants with delicious meals at very reasonable prices.

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National and historic sports centre

Everyone has heard of Manchester United. The latest statistics show that 5% of the total world population supports this football club! However, within 30 kilometres of Manchester, there are seven English Premier League clubs: Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers, Wigan Athletic, and Burnley. All the historic northwest English football clubs and founders of the English football competition. The National Football Museum will soon be located in Urbis, the city’s municipal museum. Manchester is also home to the state-of-the-art “Velodrome” which organized cycling events during the Commonwealth Games, as well as the headquarters of the English Sports Institute.

Large student population with 3 universities

The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford are all world-class universities that offer a wide range of undergraduate courses for all disciplines, including medicine, dentistry, and law, as well as postgraduate taught programs such as MBAs and postgraduate degrees. The total student population in Manchester is estimated to be in the region of 90,000, with the various university departments attracting students from all over the world and the UK. When it comes to student entertainment, accommodation, and cheap food, Manchester can take care of it. In short, Manchester is “top!”

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Efficient and cheap public transportation

With an extensive network of buses, trams and trains that all come together at Piccadilly Gardens, Victoria or Picadilly train stations, it has never been easier to explore Manchester city centre and the extremities of Greater Manchester. There are all kinds of daily, weekly and monthly savings cards available that even people with a limited budget can travel through the city for less money.

You Get A Warmer Welcome Up North

Many visiting foreign students report that they find it easier to make friends and talk to locals in northern England. Although based only on anecdotal evidence, there seems to be enough to suggest that this belief contains any truth. On the London metro, everyone avoids each other’s eye while they are working on a book or magazine. You can start a conversation in Manchester with everyone, anywhere, anytime! If you tried this in another big city, the other person would probably call the police.